Hammer Smith Sports training programs are based off of movement specificity and modern Russian training principals.  By focusing on movement based training we can identify strengths and weaknesses in each athlete and help correct and improve their sports performance.  We offer professional full service training programs for professional and amateur athletes, teams, and organizations.

We offer:

Speed and Agility programs designed to improve position specific movement, acceleration, quickness and overall game performance.

Sports Specific Lifting programs to increase strength, power, and explosiveness.

Comprehensive flexibility and balance programs to reduce injury, and improve spatial awareness.


Chip Smith, founder of Chip Smith Performance Systems (CSPS) has trained more professional athletes than any other coach or training facility in the world.  He and his staff have trained over 1600 NFL players to date, countless MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and olympic athletes dating back over 30 years.  He has been called the "Godfather" of the sports performance training industry, and continues to train athletes on a daily basis in our Atlanta facility.  CSPS trains and manages programs for all our professional athletes.     

Chip Smith:


We offer a wide variety of services for our professional athletes.  Our individual offseason and preseason training programs will prepare you for the rigors of professional sports.  You will get a custom tailored program designed specifically for your needs and goals.  Whether its speed/agility and conditioning, strength training, weight loss/weight gain, comprehensive nutrition, or return to play after injury we can accommodate your every need.

NFL offseason:

Services we provide:

-Complete speed, agility, and conditioning programs

-Performance strength training

-Nutrition planning

-Skill development

-Other custom options available


We offer training for collegiate athletes at all levels, and all sports.  All of our staff members have expereince as both athletes and coaches at the collegiate level so we understand the rigors of collegiate sports.  We know what it takes to prepare athletes to excel at the next level.  Our programs for collegiate athletes are flexible to accomodate school and competition schedules.  We offer weekly, monthly, and multi month rates so that no matter how much or how little time you may have we can meet your needs.

We offer:

-Position specific speed, agility, quickness, and on field explosion training

-Sport specific strength training to increase strength, power, and explosiveness 


Our high school programs are designed to maximize the potential of high school athletes.  We focus on correct movement patterns and lifting techniques to build a strong training foundation, increase performance, and reduce the chances of injury.  Our programs are for serious athletes who are looking for a competitive advantage over their peers.  

We offer:

-Speed, agility, quickness, and position specific performance training

-Strength training to increase strength, power, and explosiveness 


Our youth training programs are designed to teach the fundamentals of training by reinforcing correct movement patterns and mechanics through fun and engaging drills and games.  We teach basic running and lifting (yes lifting) technique to ensure that correct form is reinforced from the beginning.  When done in a controlled, supervised manner, weight lifting is a safe and beneficial activity for athletes of all ages.

We offer:

-Speed, agility, quickness, and general movement based technique training

-Intro to strength training; technique, safety, spotting, and general weight room proficiency