High School Combine Prep

Our high school combine training program specializes in preparing high school athletes for each specific combine drill.  There are very strict protocols for each drill and by learning our tips and techniques you will improve your times and performance.  We break each drill down into smaller phases so that each part can be learned and mastered.  Once an athlete masters each phase and technique, their confidence and performance will show on the field. We teach the same techniques to our professional athletes to prepare them for the NFL combine and their pro day workouts.  We specialize in 10, 20, and 40yd dash stance, start, and sprint technique.  Our Short Shuttle and "L" drill techniques produce the fastest times at the NFL combine across all positions.  We regularly see vertical jump improvement of 4-6" in 6-8 weeks of training.  If you are serious about improving your performance and getting noticed at the next combine event you need to be prepared.  You would not take the SAT/ACT test without preparing so why would you run at a combine in front of scouts, coaches, and recruiters without preparing.  Let us teach you the secrets that professionals come to us to learn each year.  


Combine Prep Program:

Our next combine prep class begins Saturday March 7th. and will run for 4 weeks.  This class will meet on Saturday at 9am and Wednesday at 6pm.

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