Swing/Throw Hammer Harness

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Swing/Throw Hammer Harness

This Swing/Throw Hammer Harness and cord combo is designed to add resistance or overspeed to any rotational movement.  Whether swinging a bat, club, racquet, or stick, this harness will increase speed and power.  This harness works by adding resistance to the hips which is where torso and leg rotation is initiated from. This harness allows the athlete to perform their skill without impeding the mechanics of the movement.  There are countless sport, and position specific applications to include; baseball/softball hitting and throwing, golf and tennis swings, lacrosse throws, shotput, soccer/football kicks, kickboxing/MMA kicks and punches, and countless other applications.

Included: This kit includes two 8' resistance cords and the Harness

Note: Some sport specific applications may require additional attachments such as cuffs, cords and anchors. Be sure to check out attachments page to customize your training kit.  For back leg resistance please order an arm/leg cuff and additional 4' cord.  

Quality: Made in the USA from premium materials, double stitched, industrial grade. This product is built for training athletes. 


Baseball - The Hammer Smith Sports Swing/Throw Harness is used to build rotational speed and power. Got warning track power? Train with the Swing/Throw Hammer Harness consistently for 6 weeks and you will significantly increase bat speed... and distance on the long ball!



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    Incredible peice of training equipment

    Posted by Tony Conard on 4th Jan 2016

    We use this versatile harness for multiple purposes in my son's baseball training. It allows my son to work his body the way his mechanical form requires. Being a switch hitting catcher, it easily adapts and reconfigures for him to train his right hand or left hand swing. With the included cords he is able to work from the catcher's position in a away no other peice of training equipment can allow. The natural movement and ability to maintain position mechanics is second to none. Hammersmith has created a fantastic training device for the athlete that wants to be challenged to be his best.