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This is for one admission to the MORR Performance Coaching course.  

Course dates:  May 28,29,30th 2022 

Schedule: Sat. May 28th 9am-5pm, Sunday May 29th 9am-5pm, Monday May 30th 9am-1pm

Location: Chip Smith Performance, 4295 International Blvd Suite F Norcross, GA 30093 

WHAT IT IS: The M.O.R.R. training system is a continuing education program developed for the sports performance, strength and conditioning, sport coach, physiotherapist, and fitness professionals. The program consists of both classroom instruction as well as hands on practical experience. M.O.R.R. is an acronym for Movement, Overspeed, Resistance and Reaction, and is the foundational tenets for training.


BACKGROUND: This system was developed by renowned sport’s performance coach Chip Smith. Chip developed this system after studying at the world famous Soviet Sports Institute in Moscow, Russia in the late 80’s. The Russians trained their athletes in a sports specific and position specific system, using overspeed, resistance and reaction.


PURPOSE: The purpose of this system is to provide training and instruction for coaches and trainers who want to add movement specific training to their coaching repertoire. Chip Smith Performance Systems has been training athletes in this system for over 30 years and is ready to help coaches and trainers successfully implement the M.O.R.R. training system.


CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY PROGRAM: The M.O.R.R. training system is designed to meet the needs for basic and specialized skills in implementing a sports performance system. The course has a written and practicum examination that leads to a certificate of proficiency for that course area. The certificate of proficiency attest to the mastery of the content within a given course area.  


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    MORR Training System

    Posted by Dan Williams on 24th May 2022

    Train the way you play! That is easier said than done. The MORR Training System ensures that you can deliver on that promise. My athletes benefit from every training session I run, which is built on the MORR Training System. This training system is the culmination of years of best practices and proven results by one of the pioneers of the performance training industry. Why would anyone learn something second-hand when they can access the pioneer?

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    Best Performance Cert

    Posted by Dylan Adamson on 24th May 2022

    Best performance certification in the industry. Most hands on cert I have been a part of or heard of- from classroom, to turf, to weight room - Chip, Tripp, Ian and the team teach the in and outs of the how and the why behind each exercise, creating detailed programs, and the science behind it all. If your goal as a coach/trainer is to create elite athletes, this is the certification you need.

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    Great Program

    Posted by Raoul on 24th May 2022

    This program changed my life