1. How long do your cords stretch?

A: Our cords will safely stretch to three times their stated length.  Ex. A 25' cord will stretch 25yds.

2. What is your warranty?

A: All nylon webbing and stitching has a lifetime warranty.  All rubber products have 1 year warranty.

3. Can I bungee jump with your cords?

A: NO!!!  Despite being very strong and well made, our cords are made for training, NOT Bungee jumping!

4. Do you do custom colors, graphics, sizes, or equipment?

A: Yes... Please email for details.

5. Can I wrap my cord through a fence?

A: NO use our anchor strap.  Wrapping a cord through a chain link fence will damage/cut the cord and void the warranty.

6. Do you do on site training or camps?

A: Yes, please contact us for details.